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The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)
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10-Oct-2020, 8:22 PM
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15-Mar-2021, 9:45 PM
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It’s time for the Jedi to end! Luke has forsaken the Jedi path. Dark powers rise to take control. Kylo tries to find a middle way, while Rey clings to hope that the Jedi can persist. Our heroes must face their greatest fears or darkness will surely engulf the galaxy.

This edit combines the best parts of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker to create a satisfying resolution for all our characters. I crafted a new story from the two movies, using about an hour of footage from each movie. The first act is primarily Rey training with Luke, and the second act is Rey (and Luke!) facing the emperor. This edit includes significant story changes and restructuring, including original effects work, and new conversations constructed from existing dialog.

I think there are so many problems with both movies that the only way to remove enough material to fix them is to strip them down and craft a new story from the compelling features that remain. I look forward to seeing other edits using this approach. If you have an edit like that I would love to watch it!

This is my first fan edit, I hope you all like it! Reply below or PM me for the link.


Featured Clip:

Running Time: 115 Minutes

Major Plot Points Removed:

  • The entire Resistance plotline from The Last Jedi
  • Crait
  • Kylo’s new helmet
  • Lightspeed skipping
  • Pasana
  • Kijimi
  • Rey being a Palpatine
  • Horses on a Star Destroyer
  • Navigation Towers
  • Most importantly this edit removes Force Healing

New Content:

  • Luke has a flashback of a previous encounter with Kylo
  • Luke has a premonition of what will happen if Rey tries to save Ben
  • Kylo has a force conversation with Rey asking her to help him defeat the emperor
  • Luke meets with Leia after her death (
  • Removed Rey talking to “all the jedi” and instead she talks to Luke.
  • Luke helps Rey defeat the emperor
  • Luke uses the Force to help win the space battle
  • Added romantic moment between Poe and Finn!

Rough Outline (Spoilers!!):

  • Rey finds Luke hiding in his hut
  • Rey learns that Luke has given up on the Jedi
  • Rey gets trained by Luke
  • Rey talks to Kylo
  • Luke sees visions of the past
  • Kylo goes to Exegol and discovers the Emperor
  • Luke sees visions of what will happen to Rey if she tries to save Ben
  • Luke gets angry at Rey
  • Rey goes to face Kylo and Snoke
  • Rey and Kylo fight Snoke and guards
  • Kylo and Rey both try to grab the lightsaber and it explodes, allowing rey to escape
  • Rey trains with Leia
  • Poe and Finn go to SpaceBerg
  • Poe returns and reveals the location of Palpatine
  • Rey and friends go directly to the Death Star to find the wayfinder
  • Rey finds the wayfinder and Kylo crushes it
  • Rey and Kylo duel on the Death Star ruins
  • Leia dies
  • Kylo gets killed by Rey
  • Rey steals Kylo’s ship and goes to face the emperor alone
  • Luke talks to Leia’s ghost and gets encouraged to join the fight (
  • Luke burns the Jedi tree
  • Rey uses Kylo’s ship to fly to exegol and meets the emperor
  • Space battle begins
  • Emperor sucks out Rey’s life force
  • Lando arrives with reinforcements
  • Emperor zaps the fleet
  • Luke encourages Rey to give her life to defeat the emperor
  • Rey kills the emperor (with Luke helping through the force)
  • Rey dies
  • The space battle is being lost
  • Luke uses the force to destroy the fleet
  • Luke dies
  • Rebels celebrate
  • Broom boy

The edit of TFA that works best with my edit is any version that removes the end scene where Rey meets Luke (that scene is repurposed as the opening of my edit). I recommend DigMod’s “Heir to the Force”.