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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]
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10-Oct-2020, 11:24 AM
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10-Oct-2020, 11:25 AM
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I guess I should probably be more open about this; I haven’t been working on this at all since April/May.

I’m still sending out links to the workprint, (just sent a few today actually) but it’s looking less likely than ever that I’ll ever go back and “finish it.” I use quotations because for the most part, I think I’ve more or less done what I wanted to do. But the audiovisual quality, as well as an array of minor issues, really hold it back for me from being final final. It’s like 720p stereo, and color graded by an overzealous 22 year old.

I don’t know. I’m too burnt out now to revisit it, even to just walk back one line of added dialogue or fix a 3PO line overlapping itself. And I don’t want to lose another day of access to my computer to export a higher quality file that I’ll end up wanting to tweak again and so on and so forth. The way this project was set up is also a nightmare in the first place. I’ve grown so much as an editor since I started, and this was pretty early on in that journey. I’ve basically been fighting my past self to even get the more recent stuff out.

So, forever “unfinished” unless I change my mind when Star Wars Ep X comes around. But that’s not a huge deal because it was basically done anyway. I just wish that it was available in a way people could use my choices for their own edits. I really do.

I want to thank Hal, snooker, Mithrandir, Artan42, Octorox, sade1212, RogueLeader, IlFaneditore, Delpheas, etc, etc for contributing a lot to this project and helping me out. (God, I’m leaving out so many rn) And thanks to basically anyone who watched any of the thousand versions or showed interest. This doesn’t exist without all your contributions to the fanediting community in the first place. Sorry I couldn’t keep loving Star Wars.