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Opinion: Return Of The Jedi is Very Underrated. Do You Agree?
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9-Oct-2020, 2:57 PM
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12-Oct-2020, 1:25 PM
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TheBirdwatcher said:
The manner in which ROTJ Luke inverts the situation makes ROTJ Luke to be the supposedly more threatening one here, but it also insults TESB Vader at the same time, tbh.

Like many fans, you do not understand (or do not like) the concept called character development. If Vader stayed the same as in ANH and ESB, there would be no character development and it would be boring. Vader at the end of ESB was profoundly affected by the encounter with Luke (something he did not expect in the slightest) and ROTJ perfectly develops upon that. Luke’s character developed from ESB as well and ROTJ did a great job at it.

Same goes for fans wanting the “old Han” nonsense. If he stayed the same as in ANH and for the large portion of ESB, there would be basically no character development, which would be boring.

In the end, ROTJ does pretty much the most character development of the three films.