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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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9-Oct-2020, 9:18 AM

It’s instant-gratification social media in general. People have self-inflicted ADD and do not have the time to actually digest the latest media, they just want quick explanations and then forget about it 48 hours later. It’s why READING is becoming a problem in society as people can barely focus on a book, much less an article–notice how articles come with “5 min read / 10 min read” at the top nowadays?

Absolutely, people are completely losing any attention span. I’ve shown two different friends the saga for the first time recently and both of them couldn’t watch the movies for more than a couple minutes max without looking at their phones constantly.

And we can play the ageist game of “back in my day…” or whatever. That’s irrelevant. The purpose of the scene is that Palpatine gets rejuvenated. If he goes beyond rejuvenation to more powerful than before, his motives for the rest of the film no longer make sense. It’s always been implied Palpatine was stronger than he let on in other films, and he didn’t do the crazy antics like he does with the fleet, because he never needed to and it would go against his goals in those films.

What? The implication was already that he was insanely more powerful than before in the original cut- see him fry an entire fleet of ships from the ground. Also how does his goal change? Once he saps the Dyad power he just wants Rey/Ben dead so he can rule the galaxy.

Also, I’d make sure every time he uses his Sith Lightning is red. So both when he’s firing it at the fleet and when he’s shooting it at Rey. Otherwise it’d just get confusing.

Oh yeah it would def have to be red the entire time.

Also, has it been already suggested to making the Sith Eternal Acolytes chant “Sidious” instead of “Palpatine” (them calling him by his Sith name makes more sense)?

I wasn’t even aware they were chanting actual words, but I’d be down for it to be Sidious.