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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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8-Oct-2020, 5:08 PM

Hoop28 said:

More of the same visual signifies more power. New visual suggests new power.

What kind of logic is that?? It’s still obviously force lighting, and given that Palpatine was rejuvenated by the Dyad, the red lightning is apart of that. It’s just more powerful force lightning. What makes it red? The force! It’s Star Wars! It’s really not hard at all. I sound like a broken record but you’re overthinking this way too much.

Exactly! And it’s Star Wars, so applying real world logic like “Red lightning doesn’t exist” makes no sense. The first time Palpatine used Force lightning after sapping the Dyad power was his insane blast into the fleet- the audience goes “woah!” and assumes it’s extra-powerful from the Dyad (although the static-y atmosphere definitely helped boost it). The same assumption plays out if it’s also red lighting, and the audience thinks “woah!” but even more now lol.