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The Last Son of Krypton (Season One)
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7-Oct-2020, 11:43 PM
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7-Oct-2020, 11:50 PM
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Made some further minor revisions.

  • Shifted the timeline from 1914-1931 to 1916-1933. I wanted my timeline to more closely align with the Earth-Two timeline, which places Kal-L’s birthdate in 1916.
  • Changed Luma’s eye colour to aureolin. I did this to further distinguish the character from Kara, as well as to give her a more fierce, otherworldly appearance.
  • Removed most instances of characters using electrical appliances and phones. It was pointed out to me that a rural community like Smallville wouldn’t have had much in the way of electricity or telecommunication in the early '30s.
  • Altered Luma’s early dialogue into pseudo-Elizabethan English. I figured memorizing the King James Bible would have an effect on her speech patterns.
  • Removed the bit about Clark having never left Smallville or been to the movies. I realized even if Smallville was off the beaten path, as soon as his super speed emerged, Clark would’ve started visiting neighbouring towns and cities.