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Return of the Jedi (Chronological Saga) - (* Final version released *)
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7-Oct-2020, 10:50 PM

This has some pretty ambitious stuff! I’m pretty new to watching fan edits and I’ve only watched a handful of them that attempt to add their own effects and completely unique shots so this was a treat for me to see what the community is capable of.

I am personally working on an RotJ cut without Boba so I took special interest in how he was masked. I have personally been cropping but there are a couple shots where I think the cropped image loses focus on the speaking character. These masks are impressive. I’m sure most people just watching don’t even notice the edit. I was watching like a hawk of course and it’s almost like the space behind Jabba is haunted by a ghost 😃 It’s actually kinda cool when you are looking for it.

Special callout to the added establishing shot on Tattooine and the edit of the C3P0 and R2 shot that makes Jabba’s palace look close.

I do think the regrading of Endor definitely gave it a very alien feel so it matches the described intent rather well. That coupled with trimming some of the over the top “humor” and “cuteness” of the Endor scenes made this feel way different than the original in a good way.

All in all, nice work!