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Info Wanted: OT 1997 Special Edition Color Timing Accuracy
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7-Oct-2020, 10:43 PM

screams in the void said:

one way I get around the color saturation issues with the blu ray is that I have a 55 inch LG smart tv that allows me to apply various filters …so for the 2011 blu ray release , I just apply the “cinema” filter ,which automatically desaturates the image and gives it a more filmic look . For the 2019 release , I apply the "vivid " filter ,which helps boost the color a little bit .Now , if I hook my vcr up to that tv and pop in the 97 SE ,it strikes a nice balance , at the loss of hd of course ,but the colors look nice .

Interesting work around. I’ll keep that in mind next time I feel like watching them. I honestly find it funyy how it never seems we can get an entirely solid release of the OT. The 2011 blu ray is too dim and saturated, but then you have the reverse issue with the 2019 releases. It just sucks that fans have to resort to fixes like that in order to enjoy a movie.