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6-Oct-2020, 6:21 PM

The George Lucas interviews. It is a compilation of various interviews given to the press and magazines through the years.

I’ve read the ones on THX and Graffiti so far. Its interesting. His contempt for the Hollywood system and grudge for the edits made to his first two films is kind of hilarious. Especially the bit about art being pretentious and BS, and how he is more like a watchmaker.

How he admits to not being a good writer and that his strength was as an editor. And how he relied on his friends on the script, and how he threw out the first 3 drafts of Star Wars. That he considered the lead for Star Wars to be a girl before he cast Mark Hamill to play Luke.

Not like the 1990s and after how he had the whole thing as one big script and it was always the story of Darth Vader.