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The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)
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5-Oct-2020, 9:20 PM

I just wanted to say this edit is a testament to the power of music.

I think this song perfectly encapsulates what the average viewer wanted to feel seeing Luke back on the silver screen (bravo to Samuel for the arrangement). It captures it so perfectly that it can even overpower the true context of the moments around it. I’m generally a fan of fan edits that re-score scenes, but this is one my personal favorite re-scored scenes I’ve seen (the training). I think how you moved the “day in the life” to part of this training sequence doesn’t “feel” like it should work on paper, but it came together so nicely.

I like your whole take, honestly, but I had to specifically comment how such a seemingly small change made such an impact to my viewing.

Also, I hadn’t seen that deleted scene before. I can’t believe they took it out. It really helps give a little more weight to Luke’s arc that was chosen for this movie. I’ve always claimed that I wasn’t against the creative direction of Luke… just the execution. There needed to be a lot more substance to his conflict for me to buy into it. This small scene doesn’t “fix” that but him going out of his way to demonstrate his current change in belief via example gives it just that extra bit of oomph.

You showed both of the scenes you updated the music on, I just had to let you know that, for me, they both land in context as well!