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I don't think Revenge Of The Sith is as good as everyone says it is.
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2-Oct-2020, 6:38 PM
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2-Oct-2020, 11:13 PM
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NeverarGreat said:

Sure the movies all have flaws, but there’s gotta be a bounds of reason here, right? Why even have a discussion if AOTC or the 2003 Clone Wars movie is on the same level as SW or ESB?

StarkillerAG said:

Hey, the 2003 Clone Wars movie was great! 😉

But I agree that there are bounds of reason. The idea that all Star Wars movies are the same level of quality just doesn’t make any sense to me.

That’s not exactly what I was trying to say. All Star Wars movies are not created equally. Also, entirely different people are bound to have entirely different opinions. I certainly didn’t mean to imply otherwise. Art is subjective, but yes, there are definitely objective statements that can be made regarding quality.

I just think it’s funny when fans of one set of Star Wars movies will defend against criticism, but then level the exact same criticism on another set of Star Wars movies. Then fans of those particular movies use the exact same counter arguments as before.

I’m talking about critiques like poor dialogue, wooden actors, and plot holes. Or when people chalk everything up to nostalgia or the lack of it, and how old you were when you first saw it. It’s like poetry, it rhymes versus something being unoriginal. There’s a long list.

It’s like a game of Mad Libs. If you erased the names of movies and and characters, lots of criticisms as well as the rebuttals would fit more than one Star Wars movie from more than one era.

I didn’t mean to say all movies are equal, just that people are more forgiving of flaws in the movies they like, for whatever reason, but more critical of similar flaws in another they may not be a fan of, for whatever reason.