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My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP)
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2-Oct-2020, 6:05 PM
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2-Oct-2020, 8:39 PM
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Not really, waiting on Anakin killing Shaak-Ti scene. Had a test in both my AP classes this week and also working on my dinosaur documentary project. But this definitely isn’t getting abandoned, no worries. In fact now that I’m thinking about it I probably should spend this time fine tuning my TPM and AOTC edits.

I’m somewhat conflicted on my OT edits though. ESB is all set because ESB:R is already finished, but I’m not sure whether to wait for ANH:R HD and ROTJ:R to make my edits or use other sources as the bases first (2020 Blu-Rays and other fan-edits). I was initially going to wait for ANH:R HD for ANH, and for ROTJ do an edit of the 2020 Blu-Ray (mixed with Hal9000’s) as I was under the impression that ANH:R was coming out sooner and I figured it would take much longer for ROTJ:R to come out, but I’ve been informed that they’re actually coming out around the same time, which probably means the wait for ANH:R is going to be longer then I originally thought. I want to use the Revisited edits as the bases because of the new awesome VFX and the fixing of pretty much any goof you can think of and more (like Vader’s chest box having no glowing lights in ANH, and Luke actually looking sad when Biggs dies). But since the wait is probably going to be long I probably will make an edit of ANH using a mix of the 2020 Blu-Ray, Hal9000’s, IIFanEditore’s, Possessed (thus far I think his is the only other one besides Adywan’s that gives Vader’s chest box its lights and fixing the lightsaber jumpcuts), and possibly others. The first version of my ROTJ edit will use Hal9000’s and the 2020 Blu-Ray until ROTJ:R comes out, that was always going to be the case.

Don’t take that as me complaining about the wait for the Revisited edits btw, I understand that that amount of work takes time and I fully respect the amount of dedication he puts into his edits.