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The Force 5
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I don't think Revenge Of The Sith is as good as everyone says it is.
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2-Oct-2020, 12:59 PM

J0E said:

I agree, but I disagree with it being the best of the prequels.

It has highs as high as Jedi, but the lows are lower than Clones. There’s a lot more lows than highs. There’s good fan edits of the film. Add few extended/deleted scenes, cut a lot of the filler and it’s a solid 6/10. The official edits though are like 4/10. Most of my problems with the movie are it’s pacing and it’s tonal inconsistency. I also really don’t like how everything is wrapped up at the end to lead right into Star Wars. It’s lazy.

I still maintain that The (theatrical cut of the) Phantom Menace has aged the best out of the prequels. It’s pacing, it’s tonal consistency mixed with using actual sets, miniatures, costumes, etc. It’s sound design is absolutely fantastic. It’s a competently made movie that’s bogged down by cringe slapstick and bad writing. Overall though, it’s a 5.5/10.

Good post.

Dek Rollins said:

Handman said:

Phantom Menace is the best prequel. It’s the closest to an actual movie.


And ROTS is the absolute worst of the prequels.

Absolutely agree.