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Okay, back with another idea. This was actually inspired by another fanfiction which delved into the original concept where Vader and Anakin were separated and the former murdered the later. I initially planned for this story to delve into that. First, here is the chapter going into Anakin’s death.

“How did my father die?”

“… A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights… He betrayed and murdered your father…”

“… betrayed and murdered your father…”

“… betrayed and murdered…”

“… and murdered…”

“… murdered…”

“… murdered…”


The scream and the hum of a lightsaber rang over the erupting lava. Vader raised his own over his head, crossing yellow against blue. He struggled to keep his defense up and drew in more of his inner hatred.

Past the bright intersection, Anakin Skywalker glared with teary eyes. His fair complexion, his very being, screamed of righteous anger. It wasn’t surprising. After all, Vader had betrayed him and everyone in the Jedi Order, the guardians of the Republic. Vader had let the clones, soldiers of the Republic, inside the Temple to slaughter unsuspecting Masters, Knights, Padawans, and even Younglings.

Anakin, one of the few survivors and witnesses to Vader’s betrayal, roared, "They were your friends! Why did you do it?! Why?!

Vader dug his heels into the ashy ground and pushed. “I don’t need to explain myself to you,” he declared through gritted teeth and threw Anakin back with all he had.

The Jedi staggered only a few steps before he came back at Vader. Brown cloak fluttering behind him, the ex-Jedi in turn stepped backwards to defend himself from Anakin’s blows. He barely kept up with the blue lightsaber hammering at every angle. His yellow blade parried a strike to his head, blocked a slash to his right side, and then caught a stab to the heart and brought it to the side. Every other attack in between and after, Vader dodged, rearing from a swipe at his stomach, bringing up his left leg to avoid a swipe, sidestepping another strike at his side, and tilting his head away from a thrust.

Vader hissed as the last one burned under his left eye. He drew his face away and on the Force, grabbing it in his free hand and throwing it at Anakin. The Jedi was blown off his feet, and his back collided on the bank of the lava river below. Vader frowned when Anakin stood again, not even coming close to touching the lava.

Vader, breathing in the ash, touched his burned cheek. It stung but not too much. Good. It was another reminder, another push to keep on fighting. However, that insipid Jedi part told Vader to wait. He did listen to it, if only to ask the question: “I know you weren’t alone. Where is Kenobi?”

Anakin glared, the same ash covering his once-wet cheeks. “He’s safe. Everyone else is safe from you and Palpatine,” he said with pride and the tiniest of spite.

Vader felt them both through the Force, and he fed on his swelling irritation. “Not forever. The Empire will find them, soon enough,” he said and held his saber as he grinned. “And when they’re discovered, they will be wiped out. Kenobi, that apprentice of yours, and even your wife-”

A blade of blue anger cut Vader off. He swung back, batting the thrown saber into Anakin’s gloved hand. Both hands on his saber, Vader met the Jedi’s charge. He took a pre-emptive strike, fainting right to draw the blue blade from his target’s head. Anakin didn’t fall for it and swept Vader’s blade aside to strike with his own.

Back on the defensive, Vader felt the emotions in Anakin’s strikes. There was no sense of calm or serenity. Only hate. Only rage. And they all came from the supposed epitome of the Jedi Code. Vader would’ve cried hypocrite, but it was nothing new. He had seen it before and he saw it now. He would use it against Anakin, just as he had used the fool’s so-called friendship with Palpatine.

After blocking a flurry of strikes going for his head and upper torso, Vader breathed in and struck back. Switching from the defensive Form III to the Form V, his attacks were fueled by Anakin’s anger and the anger inside of himself. They landed upon the Jedi and struck at every side, as yellow now fell on blue.

Now, Anakin was on the defensive. Now, he was barely beating back the storm of Vader’s slashes and hacks. Vader also felt Skywalker now unbalanced by his own anger turned against him. Such was the way of dun möch, and Vader planned to use that to finish the fight.

Vader’s saber slammed against Anakin’s, knocking it out of the Jedi’s hands. The blow also knocked the Jedi back against the lava stream. Vader stood on the higher ground, looked down with a smug glare. After all this time, he couldn’t hold it back as he pointed his saber at the weaponless Skywalker and spoke.

“When I’m done, I will take your head and display it for the galaxy to see. All will know what happens to the greatest of the Jedi and anyone who stands in the Empire’s way.” Vader grinned. “I look forward to giving it to Padme before I take hers.”

As expected, Vader felt the swell of anger rise in Anakin. For all that foolish Jedi preached on patience and serenity, he could never keep his own temper in check. What Vader didn’t expect was the sudden pressure on his neck.

Vader grasped at his throat, glaring at Anakin who raised a clenched hand. Vader rose with it, and his feet left the ground. Already, black spots clouded his vision, the muscles in his neck began to twist upon Anakin’s command. It wouldn’t be long before Skywalker would put an end to Vader.

Vader would not let that happen. Out of all the Jedi, this one had been on his mind. This one, Vader hunted all over the galaxy to find. This one, he sought to completely and utterly destroy. And he would do so. Here, on this lava world of Mustafar.

With that conviction, Vader threw his saber. The yellow blade soared, following his slight command. Vader didn’t care where it went, as long as it hit his target.

And it did. Right through the heart.

Vader dropped on his hands and knees, taking in as much air as he possibly could. Then, he looked up. His initial surprise turned to satisfaction at the sight of a shocked Anakin falling to his knees and staring helplessly at the yellow saber in his chest. It then slid out and flew back into the hands of a rising Vader.

Anakin looked up, those eyes full of so many emotions. Vader took in the look as the light faded from it and Skywalker plopped onto the ashy ground. Across from the corpse, eyes burned with the same color as the yellow saber.

“And so, the Chosen One falls,” said Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, standing victoriously over the dead star of the Jedi Knights.

And that is what would’ve been the prologue or first chapter of the story. Of course, I planned to continue it by immediately placing Vader in his suit, yet wielding Anakin’s blue saber for a time (referencing McQuarrie’s concept art). He would hunt down and kill Padme (who has already given birth to Luke and Leia), using the blue saber as seen below:

Gripping the saber, Vader activated it.

Padme’s eyes widened at the sight of the blue blade. Her shock, her horror, her anger sated Vader’s palette as she said, “Anakin?”

“Yes,” Vader said, stabbing the lie and the saber into Padme’s heart.

He devoured the skyrocketing emotions Padme let out in a gasp. She whispered, “I’m sorry… Luke… L…”

Vader pulled out the blade, and Padme’s sentence died with her.

From thereon, Obi-Wan would gain the saber back, and Vader would eventually make his red one. Of course, I wasn’t sure what else to put in between, so I just wrote tidbits, like this one below which occurs in ESB.

“What is that bidding, my master?”

Though a hologram, the emperor’s presence hung over Vader like a mist in Coruscant’s morning. “There is a great disturbance in the Force.”

“I have felt it.”

“We have a new enemy: Luke Skywalker.”

Luke. Again, that name. “Yes, my master.”

“He could destroy us.”

“He is just a boy. Obi-Wan can no longer help him.”

“The Force is strong with him. The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi.”

It took everything Vader had to suppress the part of him that wanted to puke. The emperor had confirmed his suspicions, the very thing he wanted to prove all those years since he heard that name from the dying fool of a woman’s lips. The boy very much had his father’s look. He even wielded the same blue lightsaber.

But he is not his father, another part of him said.

Vader agreed with slow realization. He had seen holograms of the boy’s actions. Despite acting like his father, the boy showed signs that said otherwise. Humility, instead of arrogance. Uncertainty instead of conviction. Weakness, instead of strength.

Not like his father, at all.

“If he could be turned,” Vader proposed, “he would become a powerful ally.”

“Yes. Yes… he would be a great asset. Can it be done?”

“He will join us or die, my master.”

And that’s that. Sure, there were some more tidbits, integrating Legends and Disney continuities together, i.e. showing Starkiller clones working with the Inquisitors, etc. Of course, I had to put it aside after losing interest with it and dealing with other stories at the same time. Hopefully, someone else can use this in their own story.