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Opinion: Return Of The Jedi is Very Underrated. Do You Agree?
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26-Sep-2020, 7:10 PM
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26-Sep-2020, 7:15 PM
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I love Return of the Jedi. As a kid it was my favourite, as I got older I preferred Empire but still really thought Jedi was a brilliant film from beginning to end. I went through a period of actually preferring it to Empire for being a bit more “fun” until the very dark finale but I just think the original trilogy oozes quality in every film.
I even like the Ewoks! It does have great drama and a sense of resolution to the overall story and so many great action setpieces in it. Everything from Luke turning the tables on Jabba to the speeder bike chase and the stuff with Luke, Vader and the emperor in the finale is just iconic and quite well written.
The movie ties up everything nicely too.

I think its “ranking” in the original trilogy has become more of a debate in recent years among Star Wars fans but I think it’s always been generally regarded as a very good film and got a lot of great reviews at the time and since then. Unfortunately it suffered the most out of the so called “Special editions”.