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Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the prequels are good...
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25-Sep-2020, 7:33 AM

And now for those patient ones, here is Episode II:

Star Wars Episode II: Appearance of the Clones (the movie as marketed as Star Wars: Appearance of the Clones)

Directed by
Joe Johnson

Produced by
Rick McCallum and George Lucas

Story by
George Lucas

Screenplay by
Jonathan Hales and George Lucas

The film opens with Ben Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker, ten years after Episode I returning to the desert world of Tatooine, but on the other side of it where most of it is acid and mixed with canyons and sand. They find out most of this land is a slave plantation and is controlled by the Galactic Traders and Viceroy Nute Gunray. They sneak around and find Anakin’s mother and brother, Shmi and Owen as slaves and R2-D2 is a mining astromech droid. Ben and Anakin help Shmi, Owen, and R2-D2 work with the slaves against the Neimoidian Troopers and escape on the Traders Transports and flee off Tatooine. However, Ben, Anakin, Shmi, Owen, and R2 take a pod to the Homestead from the last movie and they offer them a chance to come with them to Coruscant but they decide not to and restart the family farm.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Senator Padme Organa, Prince Bail, and C-3PO arrive from Alderaan but their ship is blown up by a mysterious figure on a nearby building and the trio are rescued by Mace Windu and the local Police and are brought to the Senate to tell everyone and President Palpatine about the attack. Palpatine suggests getting some guardianship from the Jedi and he suggests Anakin and Ben which they meet at her apartment and Anakin tries to woo her over after ten years but no luck.

That night, the mysterious figure from earlier, programs a droid and some poisonous camouflaged snakes to enter Padme’s apartment bedroom and take out the cameras and fool R2 but Anakin and Ben sense them and Anakin uses his lightsaber to destroy the snakes. He then sees the droid and jumps out the window and Ben gives chase on a speeder and saves him from a blast from the mysterious figure. They chase him through Coruscant and Anakin takes over as pilot and uses amazing piloting skills through the speeder crowd and uses the Force, kinetically to catch up with the mysterious figure. But when he accidentally breaks the wheel, they jump onto a few other speeders and Anakin uses Force Freeze to freeze the Speeder engine and the speeder crashes into the streets of the Coruscant Underworld below. The figure turns out to be Boba Fett and is bleeding from his arm from the crash. Ben and Anakin try to stop him, but Fett ties them up using his wrist gauntlets and flies way. They are found by Prince Bail and the local police by Ben take a sample of Fett’s blood and examine it with the Jedi Science Lab and they say it’s clone blood and Ben does a blood check on is his and he questions Yoda about who he really is and goes to his “old friend,” a retired Jedi Crystal Miner and Artifact collector, Dexter Jettster for help but he won’t tell Ben the truth.

As the stakes get raised higher and higher, Prince Bail decides with the Jedi Council and President Palpatine that Padme should go into hiding so that she’ll be safer than on Coruscant. Anakin is made her guardian and the two start to dismiss each other and are given fake names and disguises and go off to Alderaan with C-3PO and R2-D2. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has learned of Nute Gunray’s failure on Tatooine and punishes him and replaces him with a superior Viceroy Wat Tambor, and begins plotting with other systems that Tambor controls so they can begin the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

On the other hand, Ben Kenobi arrives on the water planet of Aquliae where he meets the Prime Minister, Lama Su and he sees their creation of Clone Stormtroopers, ordered by a mysterious man named “Syfo Dyas’’ who isn’t a familiar name with the Jedi Order. He meets Boba Fett and the two wanna kick each other’s asses but they don’t. Ben contacts Yoda and Mace about Fett and they tell him to go and interrogate him and he races back to his room where he is gone and Fett locks him in but Kenobi uses a technique with Force gripping a ball of it and unleashing it on the door and gives chase to Fett to his ship, the Slave 1 and they fight. Fett escapes but Ben puts a tracking device on his ship.

Meanwhile, Anakin, Padme, C-3PO, and R2-D2 arrive on Alderaan and are greeted by a Neimoidian who takes them to a carriage and tries to blow them up but Anakin takes him down and doesn’t try to kill him but holds back. Since they know the city is not safe, they hide up in the mountains in a nice cottage. There, Anakin and Padme start to hint at a romance beginning at the fireplace and have a major kiss and later go Horseback riding.

Ben manages to track Fett all the way to the rocky grey world of Ttaz where Ben spies on Fett and finds out he is in league with Darth Vader and Viceroy Wat Tambor and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. But when he tries to escape, Nute Gunray finds him and says he’ll help him make contact with the Republic. First, he makes contact with Anakin and Padme and they broadcast Ben’s message to the Jedi Council and the Senate who are both in the middle of meetings. But during the broadcast, Ben is captured and Gunray is killed by the Ttazians, a species of bug-like monsters with wings. Anakin makes the choice to go there but Padme tries to advise against it but he says that maybe she could add some political sense into whoever has him captured and they go to Ttaz.

Back on Coruscant, Palpatine and the Jedi meet and they are in chaos! They don’t know what to do and one of the politicians’ advice at this time they must give Emergency Powers to Palpatine. Prince Bail makes the fateful choice and Palpatine declares that he has plans to make an army with the mysterious workers of Aquiliae to help them. Yoda decides to go Aquiliae as Mace Windu goes to prepare the Jedi to go to Ttaz to save Ben. On Ttaz, Darth Vader confronts Ben and they talk. Ben snarks at Vader and he unmasks himself to reveal he IS Ben Kenobi too. Ben is horrified and Ben/Vader goes into detail on who he really is. He was seduced by the Dark Side at a young age and Yoda felt guilty about his turn and he kept a sample of his DNA stored and cloned him to become the better and flawless Jedi he couldn’t be. The protagonist Ben we know is codenamed: OB-1 Kenobi or “Obi-Wan Kenobi” for a Real Name. At this moment, Ben offers OB-1 to join him in the Dark Side and they can destroy the Sith and save the Republic from war but OB-1 refuses. Ben/Vader puts his mask back on and orders for his execution.

Anakin and Padme arrive on Ttaz and C-3PO and R2-D2 stay on the ship. They meet with Darth Vader and argue for OB-1 to be freed. But Vader orders for their execution too and the two lovers share a silent kiss before entering the arena and they all are forced to fight a Gorog. Which they manage to take down, thanks to the leadership of OB-1 but they are surrounded by Neimoidian Troopers but Mace Windu and the Jedi arrive and a huge battle begins. Fett enters the arena and fights Mace but is beheaded. Then as the battle increases Tambor introduces his legion of Techno Guards, similar to Praetorian Guards but mixed with Super Battle Droids. The Jedi are surrounded and Vader offers them all a chance to surrender or die but then Yoda and the Clone Stormtroopers arrive and save them. Fett’s remains are then picked up by Separatist Medical Droids and carried away saying they’re for a top-secret project.

The Neimoidian Troopers, Clone Stormtroopers, and Jedi battle on the grey rocky battlefield as the gunships take to the sky and take down the Galactic Traders Control Ships from heading into space and power towers. Vader flees with the plans for a top-secret project that will be explained in the next movie (the Death Star) and Vader’s co fighters manage to shoot the Gunships down. One shoots OB-1, Anakin, and Padme’s gunship and she falls out. But Anakin has feelings for her orders to put the ship down but OB-1 tells him not to. They arrive at Vader’s hangar with a much larger Control Ship and inside are more Neimoidian Troopers and Techno Guards. They take them down and duel Vader. He manages to wound OB-1 and Anakin slices open Vader/Ben’s mask and they duel and the Control Ship begins to rise into space. Padme awakens thanks to Yoda and his squad and they race to the Control Ship and land just as it leaves the atmosphere. Yoda orders Padme and the Clones to take over the bridge and lower the control ship back onto the planet as he finds Anakin, OB-1, and Vader/Ben. Back at the duel, Anakin and Vader/Ben accidentally destroy the gravity support system and make everything float inside the Control Ship until Padme presses a button to restart everything giving Vader/Ben the advantage to slice off Anakin’s right arm and throw him against a wall. Vader/Ben prepares to flee but Yoda catches him and the two engage in a Force Battle. And Vader/Ben ignites his lightsaber but Yoda takes it from him saying some mythological stuff about how a lightsaber isn’t important. But Vader uses this moment to distract him by using a pillar to crush Anakin and OB-1 and Yoda saves them. Vader escapes.

Vader returns to Coruscant to a place called The Works and meets Darth Sidious claiming the Clone Wars have begun and Sidious says all is going as he has foreseen. At the Jedi Temple, OB-1 is struggling to cope with the fact he is a clone and Anakin is getting a new arm and he decides to propose to Padme and she says yes. Palpatine then broadcasts a speech over the Battle of Ttaz and how it’s now going to affect the galaxy and it breaks Yoda’s heart and he decides to go into exile. OB-1 hears of this and races to his platform but Yoda tells him to stay strong and be ready because “we still have work to do” and leaves to who knows where.

The film ends with the Clone Stormtroopers marching on parade to war through Coruscant with the Imperial March playing and Palpatine, Prince Bail, and some Senators watching and Anakin and Padme getting married and being welcomed into the Jedi Order by Mace Windu, with a depressed OB-1 lurking in the background.