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International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)
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23-Sep-2020, 11:06 AM

CatBus said:

FWIW, I’ve got a few new dubs I’m working with:

I also have the 1980 theatrical Turkish dub of Star Wars, and I believe the word for this dub is “crazypants”. It steals the title of “Weirdest Dub” from the Tamil dub. Sorry, guys, dubbed Ewoks and rampant heavy breathing just isn’t weird enough. The background is that, like the Soviet-style voiceovers, the Turkish dubbers didn’t get a soundtrack without English voices. But what they chose to do instead of a voiceover was to replace the English dialogue (er, mostly) with Turkish dialogue and random background music and noises. Did you know Leia’s hologram played light jazz? Did you know the Cantina band did a ragtime piano number? No, I bet you did not know these things. But mostly they just use Star Wars theme music over and over (and over and over), but they’ve also got some generic sci-fi synth music in there as well. I can’t say I recommend it for everyone, but it’s certainly awesome in its own way – the voice acting is also very good, and I’ve been told the translation is very good as well.

Huuh!! Nice, versions. These dub, unofficial and taken from very old vhs and voice-overdubbed format?

CatBus said:

If anyone has any questions about the Turkish dubs, ArdaYlcn is happy to answer them. There have been quite a few different Turkish dubs, two of the unaltered trilogy, and five (?) of the Special Editions. He was instrumental is getting me the ones I’m currently working on.

Totally summa: Seven “official” Turkish dubs made in the past 40 years for the old trilogy? Not bad! Voice-over dubbed variants numbers? (Example: ROTJ Hungarian voice-over released, min. 7 or higher variants, from old vhs tapes.)