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International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)
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21-Sep-2020, 8:27 PM
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22-Sep-2020, 3:13 PM
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FWIW, I’ve got a few new dubs I’m working with:

  • Cantonese: it’s an SE dub, so it needs to be despecialized. Contrary to my experience with other Hong Kong dubbing of 70’s and 80’s films, this dub is very well executed. I’m actually a little disappointed it’s so well done, but I’m sure I’ll survive. I’m hoping if we release preservations with this dub, we may attract the attention of people with access to the Mandarin dub, which is something I haven’t yet been able to track down. I’ve synced Star Wars, and the other two films are pending.

  • Turkish: I previously had Turkish despecialized dubs, with the Empire dub incomplete. But I now have VHSrips of made-for-TV 1993 dubs. Star Wars and Jedi are in good shape (for VHSrips), but Empire is pretty bad. I’ll likely swap out the Turkish dubs in my collection for these, in part at least. The sound quality isn’t as good, but they’re authentic pre-SE Star Wars. I may stick with the despecialized Empire, and use the VHSrip to fill in the missing dialogue, which will be a little weird having Vader switch voices, but not as weird as it is right now with Vader switching voices and languages. Again, Star Wars is synced, and the others are pending (I may not be able to do much with Empire)

  • Romanian: Anyone here ever see Chuck Norris vs Communism? If not, it’s highly recommended. If so, you’ll recognize the name Irina Nistor. I have a Nistor bootleg voiceover of Star Wars (sadly, not the entire trilogy). Nothing synced yet, but I’m excited about this one and won’t let it slide.

I also have the 1980 theatrical Turkish dub of Star Wars, and I believe the word for this dub is “crazypants”. It steals the title of “Weirdest Dub” from the Tamil dub. Sorry, guys, dubbed Ewoks and rampant heavy breathing just isn’t weird enough. The background is that, like the Soviet-style voiceovers, the Turkish dubbers didn’t get a soundtrack without English voices. But what they chose to do instead of a voiceover was to replace the English dialogue (er, mostly) with Turkish dialogue and random background music and noises. Did you know Leia’s hologram played light jazz? Did you know the Cantina band did a ragtime piano number? No, I bet you did not know these things. But mostly they just use Star Wars theme music over and over (and over and over), but they’ve also got some generic sci-fi synth music in there as well. I can’t say I recommend it for everyone, but it’s certainly awesome in its own way – the voice acting is also very good, and I’ve been told the translation is very good as well.