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Lord of the Rings: A Hobbit's Tale [The Hobbit Remade] (Released)
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18-Sep-2020, 10:07 AM

Amazing interest from you guys! Thank you!

Here’s what I’ve had to do:

Instead of a high-quality 12 gig file, I’ve done a high-res 6 gig file (a little less detail of course, but still very beautiful) to accomedate for the horrible upload speed at my girlfriend’s apartment. I was going to upload it at my apartment - which Im rarely at because of maintenance work, but as i tried to do so, I realized that they had cut off the modem as to make more room for said work. So there was no internet to abuse!

So, now, 49 hours later (I’m not even joking, that was the estimated time once I started uploading nearly two days ago) the 6 gig “A Hobbit’s Tale’” is ready.

I will be sending PMs shortly!

Thank you all for your interest!

And please, please - report in any feedback or constructive criticism you should have without fear. I want this to be an amazing edit for people to enjoy for years to come, and if that means to revisit the film for a few tweaks, then I’m all up for it. With that being said; this is, to my eyes, a fleshed-out and finished little Hobbit tale. Please enjoy! 😃