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REY NOBODY - The 'Official' Fan-Editing Thread
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16-Sep-2020, 6:55 PM

StarkillerAG said:

jarbear said:

Although I vented, I was being constructive with the suggestion of removing parts of Kylo doing any “dark side temptations” and just focus on her and the throne vision/talk since there really isn’t much real temptation for her character.

I’ll back peddle the sequel rants, but I was giving a suggestion about it. So let’s not play the ignoring the suggestion part and attack me aspect of it thanks.

But I already provided a counter for the idea that Rey has “no real temptation”. There were many examples of her doing dark side stuff throughout the sequels, so it doesn’t really come out of nowhere like you’re saying. I feel like RogueLeader’s added dialogue definitely tracks with her character in the previous movies.