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REY NOBODY - The 'Official' Fan-Editing Thread
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15-Sep-2020, 3:55 PM
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15-Sep-2020, 4:03 PM
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The “vergence/force nexus” thing has been tossed around many times over the last months, but even if the dubbing were believable the amount of exposition is embarrassing, and it’s pandering hard to the “Rey’s a Mary Sue but Anakin’s the most special boy in the world” crowd. I feel it’s far more important to make this movie a satisfying end to Rey’s story. The vergence stuff is just not something Rey’s character would know or care about, no dramatic revelation, just “fanboys behind the fourth wall will know these nouns that mean ‘you are strong.’”

The “take the throne” stuff is definitely the best take on the hangar edits I’ve seen so far. Play up Rey’s fears of her future by implying the Emperor has foreseen the same. Still maybe not as dramatic of a revelation as it should be (though the timing of the words in the edit are great with the music), but a big step in the right direction if not a pretty decent final product. It also follows from TLJ well, where Rey flirted with the dark and Kylo wanted her to rule by his side, without the “you have evil Palpatine genetics” nonsense of the theatrical TROS. Plus, I really like “I know the rest of your story” now implying that Kylo know’s the end of the story, Rey’s future, rather than just additional details about her past. We shouldn’t still be obsessing over Rey’s past so much in the finale imo.