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Reconstructing the Sequel Trilogy
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13-Sep-2020, 6:50 PM
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I understand that you don’t want to undermine the ROTJ ending (and that’s something I’ve struggled with as well), but I’m not sure that Mothma is the right character to make that happen. Ignoring her lack of screen time for a second, one of her defining traits is that she was part of the Rebellion from the beginning. She basically founded the beta version of the Rebellion in ROTS, and her biggest role was as the leader of the entire organization in Rogue One. I doubt that she would be an Imperial agent all along, given how long she’s been there.

The problem, then, is who should be the leader of the Imperial rebellion? Maybe it could be some disgruntled Imperial leader, pissed that the Rebellion won so easily, and trying to rebuild the Empire to be stronger than before. Picture Moff Gideon from Mando, just with much more power and resources.