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Shopping Maul
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Reconstructing the Sequel Trilogy
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12-Sep-2020, 3:09 PM
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I’d have the First Order being created on the sly by a female Sith Lord. In the end it would be revealed that she’s Mon Mothma, creating the First Order from within similar to Palpatine’s manipulation of things in the PT. The backstory would be that she’d been in cahoots with Palpatine all along, supplying the false information about Death Star II to the Rebellion in ROTJ (and killing the Bothan spies herself) in exchange for power at Sheev’s side. This trilogy would be her revenge for the Endor fiasco. As a trusted politician and friend of Leia, she’d be in a prime position to bend the ear of young Ben Solo, filling his head with tales of his grandfather and the glorious vision that was undermined by his bad uncle Luke. Her dual identity would echo Palpatine’s in the PT but in this instance the audience would be oblivious until the end.

The reason I’m sold on this idea is because it gives the ST legitimate ties to the OT that in no way undermines the ROTJ conclusion/victory but still gives valid reasons for the cycle to continue. It would also give that Mothma moment in ROTJ (“many Bothans died…to bring us this information”) a whole new dimension.