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11-Sep-2020, 10:22 AM

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things - 2020 - 6/10

Potentially great film “enhanced” by screenwriter / director.
Girlfriend (Lucy-Lucia-Louise) goes with new boyfriend Jake to meet his parents.
Lucy and Jake have been together six, seven weeks, so this is a big step.
Problem is, she suffers misgivings. About the weather, about the trip, about the relationship.
Jake is a nice enough guy, but …
The journey takes forever, as does their car talk. Once at his home, time slips begin to occur, along with déjà vu and other fracturing.
Note: Because of recent reading (unrelated), I was alert to p-o-v which is paramount in this movie.
Fascinating film will engross the dedicated audience (ie: fans of this director).
For most, this may be deadly slow. Scenes play out far too long. Sometimes this technique works to sustain tension, there is little of that here.
The ending is a bungle. While I had suspicions about what transpired, I had to check reviews to confirm them.
The director made this so opaque that it was incomprehensible, unless one had read Reid’s book.