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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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10-Sep-2020, 9:52 PM
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Tobar said:

But they didn’t do that and this is the result.

Factual information.

Even a little bit planning would have gone along way, even if they’d end up changing a lot. Of course changes will be made, but look at what they did to my boy Finn!!! When you don’t have a plan, best case scenario is you avoid lost potential, worst case scenario is you lose a lot of potential! (Finn) *cough. Ugh, i’m sad. I like that they originally chose 3 different directors, but 3 different writers without a plan? Eesh. They ended up doubling down on everything that was wrong with this trilogy from the start. (And I loved TFA and TLJ).

I read “The Making of STAR WARS” book over the summer and it was just so humbling to read about George as a young man trying to create his space opera. The inspiration came from a place of optimism during the pessimistic 1970’s. He wanted to create a myth for young people after their positive reaction to American Graffiti. George says in his Charlie Rose interview that Lucasfilm was losing money, and he had employees to think about. Honestly it sounds like he was coming from a place of fear, even when he started to think about this new trilogy. My point is, the initial reasoning behind creating the ST came from a place of “we need a story to make money” rather than a place of singular inspiration.

On the bright side, my young cousins experiencing star wars for the first time with this trilogy really love it. They can’t see through the cynical cracks like we can.