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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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10-Sep-2020, 2:54 PM
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CarterStarkiller said:

Hal 9000 said:

For anyone who would like it, here’s the ending scene with no added music. (The video track is compressed, but the audio is not.)

Previously on /post/id/1371613 of this thread I found the end notes from the Star Wars Rebels epilogue can act as a bridge between the TFA cue and the TROS end credits to add more of the familiar jolt for those not quite satisfied with the current workprint audio. Using Hal’s shared “ending scene with no added music” and Final Cut Pro X, I added and synced the TROS end credits music with the clip, then I synced the end notes from Rebels, then I added the TFA cue. I don’t have the phenomenal TFA cue fade in from bbghost so I just did my own simple crossfade for this proof of concept. I’ve added the shared clip with my audio as well as a screenshot of what I did in FCPX to my google drive folder.

Note: This isn’t meant to be used as final audio, this is only a concept/test. If someone with more audio editing wants to use my idea for their own edit/audio track go for it.

It doesn’t work musically. Harmonically, that Rebels transition is I think a D-Major 7 chord with a leading A, being forced over the Rey theme which is an Ab-Major chord. This not only creates an extremely harsh dissonance between those two A and Ab semi-tones, but the root of each of these chords is a tri-tone apart which is usually avoided when creating tonal music. Musically speaking, it’s not a good fit.