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What stories/intellectual properties (other than Star Wars) would you like to retell/rewrite?
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9-Sep-2020, 10:48 AM
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Okay, it has been a LONG time since I touched, but I’m back here to add some idea rewrite ideas. Don’t know if they’re any good, but I’ll leave that up to you

  1. Chronicles of Riddick - The sequel to “Pitch Black,” it wasn’t as successful. Honestly, I think it’s okay as an action flick but it could use more. I remember little from the original film, so I think I could get a better idea after watching it. For now, I’d try to keep a bit of the religious aspects that were introduced in the original film. I like seeing New Mecca in “Chronicles of Riddick,” and I’d like to go into that, where the Necromongers (the villains) are trying to incite religious upheaval between different groups by feeding into growing tensions. Riddick would have to stop them while dealing with his own thoughts on god and such. I’d also like to go more into the character dynamics that I remember from the original film.

  2. Robotech - I honestly haven’t watched this story or its source material, but I was pretty interested in the story after hearing about it from the YouTube channel RetroBlasting (see playlist link below). It seems like a pretty interesting story, but there would be problems in trying to connect and adapt three separate animes into one story, like the ones stated in the videos I’ve mentioned. I haven’t watched the actual shows, and I’d probably get a better idea fater doing so, but I couldn’t help think about how it could be better. Given the criticisms, it would make sense to intersperse unrelated scenes together to convey ideas of the show, e.g. explaining the Invids to the mcs, explaining the landing site of the SDF-1 (and this is within the context of taking the actual show and intersplicing it like how Harmony Gold did with Captain Harlock and Queen Millennia in “Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years,” but done more competently if possible). First off, the original Robotech (Macross) would only have tiny tweaks that include more information about the Robotech masters that can lead into the sequel, as well as ending it where it gets good (e.g. where Rick hooks up with Lisa). Speaking of which, Robotech Masters (Southern Cross) seems to have the most problems, and most things could be fixed by stating that the series took place a couple generations after the original Robotech instead of 15-17 years, to explain why things look different along with some better writing, like by integrating the war-like Zentraedi tech with human tech and having Dana be the greatgranddaughter/granddauhter instead of daughter of two characters from the original Robotech, as well as being more hot headed like her Japanese counterpart who grows slightly more mature (maybe some editing of Southern Cross could help show that). As for Robotech The New Generation… heck I dunno. Personally, I feel like it could be left out or replaced with another series (maybe use another series instead to give more interesting characters). Again, I should watch the entire series, and I am basing it off another’s POV, but I just had to get this out of my head.

  1. VR Troopers - Now, this one, I have seen and am more familiar with the source material. Taking three different shows of the tokusatsu genre (known for guys dressing up in rubber costumes to fight monsters, i.e. Kamen Rider and Super Sentai), VR Troopers just used the suits and footage to tell a story about 3 teens fighting monsters in the virtual world. Made by Saban, it was made to ride the hype of Power Rangers in the 90s. Now, I don’t think the story’s premise and concepts were bad, just the execution. To me, it felt more pretty repetitive, and it didn’t do a good job of splicing together the three shows (Metalder, Spielban, and Shaider from the 1980s no less). I’d probably keep the original premise, following Ryan Steele who is looking for his father when he’s brought together with two others, J.B. and Kaitlin (maybe boyfriend and girlfriend). The trio could be captured to be brainwashed by the main villain, but the heroes escape and try to fight off the villain’s monsters (may have taken a bit too much from Kamen Rider there). The twist is the trio would have to split up every now and then to combat the villain in different points all over the globe, instead of focusing in one specific area. This would lead to the discovery of other factions, leading to more usage of footage from more (relatively recent) shows that would end up with an all-out war between the villain factions that our heroes destroy in one fell swoop. Not sure if I’ll keep the whole VR aspect, though.

  2. Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - A reboot of the original Bubblegum Crisis of the 1980s OVA, it told the story of four women donning special armors to fight rogue automatons called “Boomers.” I heard quite a lot about the original OVA as well as a bit of the reboot (with less than stellar reviews), and I eventually gave it a watch when it was available on Crunchyroll. Though I haven’t watched the original OVA, I get the feeling something was a bit off in almost everything aspect of the characters, and the tone took a strange turn at the end, showing the (stereo)typical over-the-top anime reactions and humor interspersed just before the final battle. It almost felt like the fun was drained out of the characters, so I’d first and foremost put that into my rewrite. The main characters would be given that spark which attracted so many fans to the OVA series, and the story would be rewritten to combine the original Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash series together into a more streamlined story.

  3. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures - Okay, okay. I might be committing heresy to manga/anime fans, and I admit to only seeing Parts 1-4, but we all know there are some continuity issues with the story. There is a reason why Jojo fans pass along the phrase “Araki [Jojo’s creator] forgot.” Honestly, I’d keep a lot of the overall story arcs, and even tinier details, but just change the continuity issues/nitpicks that appears throughout the series (e.g. how could Dio get back in his coffin if Erina used it to sail away, why was it so hard to guess Dio’s Stand power in Part 3 when it was easy to determine Jotaro’s in Part 4, why not use Joseph’s stand to locate the villains in Part 4, why not simplify King Crimson’s powers, etc).