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Chase Adams
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)
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9-Sep-2020, 8:09 AM

As requested, Hal:

TROS: Ascendant

The final countdown!

DominicCobb: “Ben, come home”

Jonh: Luke’s haircut

Axlanian: alternate trooper lines during 3PO scene. I really love this btw:

DZ-330 said:

If you wanna be meta funny

3PO: “excuse me, sir"

Trooper: “hey wait"

3PO: “would you be so kind to…”

Trooper: “you’re that droid!”

Bam ya dead

Kewlfish: Anakin’s saber with crackle. (We also never seemed to decide on a sound FX for this I believe?)

And now, the things that have no takers:

  • Add Coruscant to the roundtable scene. (either out the window the whole time, or just in the exterior shot)

  • Vader’s castle in one shot on Mustafar.

    (Credit to Knight of Kalee)

I believe there was also discussion about dropping the word ‘THE’ in the title, to rhyme better with the other trilogies… I dunno. 😕


In regards to this, here’s a shameless promotion of one of my threads: 😉