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The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)
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8-Sep-2020, 5:43 PM
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9-Sep-2020, 12:14 AM
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Hello everyone, v2.3 will be released in the next few days with the updates below. If anyone has any last minute requests, please give your 2 cents. axlanian, if you want anything else tweaked let me know…


Improved audio levels for Knight’s of Ren voices so they can all be clearly heard now.

Remove Finn’s loud grunting during lightspeed skipping.

Finn yells “Rey” one less time somewhere in the movie (does it matter where?)

Stormtroopers do not sound like droids when they die: Refoleyed the stromtrooper on the speeder as he drives onto rocks and it is ramped up into the air. Refoleyed when a jet trooper is shot and lands on the ground. Refoleyed when another jet trooper flies out of control and crashes explosively into a rock formation. All done to remove the slapstick cartoon droid screams.

Removed Poe saying “we only have 8 hours left.”

Removed Poe exclaiming during the battle of Exegol, “they’re toast!”

When Rey looks to the suns, extended the shot of BB-8

Improved reverb sfx and audio level of Yoda’s voice during lightsaber burial