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Clone Wars Movie Series - Episodes (Seasons) I to V released...
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8-Sep-2020, 4:06 AM

OK, done. I’ve reuploaded smudger’s five movies. PM me for links. I can’t be uploading these forever so please consider hosting these yourself if you do get a hold of them.

They are:

1: Army of the Republic

  • all of the Christophsis and Domino Squad arcs, plus some of Grievous Intrigue and Assassin

2: A New Threat

  • all of the Malevolence, Nute Gunray and the early Boba/R2 arc, plus a scene from the Zillo Beast

3: Children of the Force

  • all of the battle of Ryloth and Children of the Force arcs, plus some scenes from Supply Lines and the Hunt for Ziro arc

4: A Galaxy Divided

  • all of the Geonosis and first Mandalore arc

5: Rise of the Dark Side

  • all of the Nightsisters and Return of Maul Arc