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Preservation of Localized Texts in the Star Wars (1-6) Saga
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8-Sep-2020, 3:53 AM
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simps said:

CatBus said:

Apparently there was a Turkish theatrical dub, never released on home video. More to come on this later, I hope! 😉

Wait, really ?? I’ve never heard of something being dubbed in Turkish more than once before. Impressive find !

It’s possible that an earlier VHS rental release exists with the cinema dub on it, but I don’t know for sure unfortunately.

Hello I’m from Turkey and I’m the owner of theatrical Turkish dub.
Theatrical dub of Star Wars never released in any home video formats they were all subtitled(Except ROTJ VHS I’m still trying to find it)
Thatrical dub only showed in TV for one time only
2 November 1986 Turkish National TV TRT Broadcast
This recording is nearly impossible to find 'cuz there’s only few surviving copys but non of 'em around internet
Luckily I know a VHS collector (he is a close friend of mine) have that copy and he gave it to me 😉

BTW There’s 6 Star Wars dubs in Turkey

Theatrical Dub
1993 Show TV Dub
1997 SE Dub
2004 Show TV Dub
2008 CNBC-E and Bootleg DVD Dub (This is the dub Catbus have)
2012 TRT Dub
2015 Itunes Dub

But the Theatrical Dub is the best dub I ever seen.
Han Obi Wan Tarkin fits to original perfectly 😉