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3-Sep-2020, 8:55 PM
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Wow. I haven’t touched this in over a year. Welp, hopefully, this goes well.

The following was an old story idea I had many years ago (basically, a young girl finds herself in the care of the young sons of a dragon chief, whom she doesn’t like), so I thought I’d just put up what little I wrote for it.

The smell of mud lingered in the air from the recent rain shower. Dôn carefully trailed over the muddy field, wrapped in a brown cloak she borrowed from one of the peasants under her, a trusted ally. Thankfully, the tears and holes were more than enough to make her look like a mere monk or a traveler, which also helped while traveling under a cloudy sky at night.

Continuing on her path, it was not long until Dôn finally came across the rocky caves, far outside the territory of any human king. One such cave, Dôn approached only to stop just short of entering it. Still, she hid herself in the shadow of the rocky outgrowth and kept watch for anything. There was something.


As the old voice rumbled in her mind, Dôn stared into the mouth of her cave. “Hello again,” she addressed the being inside with all the posh and dignity for a royal such as herself.

I thought… you would not come.

“What makes you say that?” she asked.

You rarely visit these days… I have not heard a word from you… or your court,” the voice replied in low spirits.

“You know how it is. The people might talk if they see what I do in my free time.”

They talk… nonetheless.

Dôn’s wry and wrinkled smile hid her welling concern. “As much as I enjoy our old banter, tell me why have you brought me out of the middle of nowhere? Surely, a meeting at your fort would do.”

No… it would not.

“And why is that?”

Because… there is no one else… I can trust…

As the words were spoken, Dôn saw a large form shift slightly in the cave. What little moonlight there was revealed ruby-colored scales as a pair of large eyes snapped open. They were as large as boulders, and the dagger-like pupils shone like stars at night. The color was something Dôn had not expected.

They were dull red.

For the first time tonight, the queen mother’s eyes widened. “No…” she gasped, then quickly composed herself. “Are you sure?” she asked, hoping her old friend was wrong

I am weakening… It will not be long… I will succumb to the Blood Wrath,” wheezed into Dôn’s mind.

For the longest moment, Dôn struggled to find the words. “What is it you need?” she finally inquired, her expression of the utmost seriousness.

My kin… they must be protected…

As soon as she heard it, Dôn feared the worst. Enemies would come at all sides, if they knew the truth. The clans, their races, and even the entire kingdom would be consumed in all out war again. Dôn immediately went through all the possible contingencies she had formulated for such a situation.

With one plan in mind, Dôn looked at the eyes and curtsied as she had several times in the past. “It will be done, your majesty.”