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Regrade This
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kk650's Miscellaneous Regraded Films (Released)
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3-Sep-2020, 11:46 AM
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3-Sep-2020, 11:49 AM
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Regrade This
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These regrades are a joke.

You have Colorists with decades of experience, working with Cinematographers with years of experience, planning and working together to create a look, which is then fine-tuned in the Colorist’s suite to achieve exactly what they’re looking for.

Then some chump with a copy of FCP X comes along and pushes everything (no matter the subject matter, mood, artistic intention) to purple and calls it “fixed.”

Can you see how cringe-inducingly stupid that is what an insult it is to the artists?

KK650 is doing what every amateur/rookie/newbie Colorist does, pushing everything to blue. It’s a horrible, amateurish hack that lacks all skill and subtlety. All you need is color wheels. All you need is ONE color wheel!

This isn’t a Grade, it’s a global adjustment.

If you think KK650’s work is awesome and believe it “fixes” every Hollywood movie out there, here’s how you can do it yourself: change the colour temperature on your TV to “cool” or crank the blue channel up and the red and green channels down. VOILA! It’s “regraded!”

Or maybe you’ve got your TV/Display set to “Warm” and just need to set it to Neutral. VOILA! “regraded!”

Hey, someone had to come along and say it like it is. I wouldn’t hire KK650 to grade a wedding video because chances are it looks much better straight out of camera.

It’s very sad to think anyone believes Blade Runner 2049 needs to be “fixed.” The Grade is beautiful. If you don’t see that, then you’re a lost cause and should keep downloading the KK650 “regrades” that are spread like so much manure (no offense to cow dung) across the torrent sites.