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Revenge of the Sith: Blue Harvest Cut (Released)
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2-Sep-2020, 5:56 PM

So, I want to say that I really enjoyed this edit! I felt that it flowed very well and that your style of editing did well to strengthen the story beats of both Revenge of the Sith and the Siege of Mandalore.

In terms of criticisms, there’s really not much to say. NFBisms’ edit is solid, and your insertions work well. I do think you might want work on the transitions between RotS and TCW by including some wipes or something instead of hard cuts, and I find that RotS was much louder than the TCW footage so the audio transitions were jarring as well. I also think the crawl text might need revising, and the post-credits Vader scene could probably be bumped up closer to the end of the credits; a minute between is quite a long time.

This is a really strong start and I think you have something great on your hands!