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Godzilla, King of the Monsters - The Monster Cut (Released)
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2-Sep-2020, 3:28 AM
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2-Sep-2020, 4:43 AM
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The scene where they fix the Orca in the rain is so stupid I paused the movie to search for if anyone else hated the scene and it led me here. Could I get a link to your edit please?

Other stupid things:

  • None of the Monarch bases have armed guards.
  • The mom doesn’t hear her daughter crawling in the air vent right above her.
  • The girl walks out of the bunker without anyone stopping her.
  • The Orca is a laptop with special software that can analyze monster biorhythms and sounds. That’s it. And yet no one in the entire American military is able to make an equivalent program or even play a sound file of a monster on a loudspeaker. Everything HAS to be done with the Orca to make the stupid plot work.
  • The submarine had underwater probes. Why couldn’t they set the nuke on a longer timer and deliver it with a probe? Does it really need to be right next to Godzilla for the NUCLEAR BLAST to have effect?
  • The mom drives a humvee from the bunker. As anyone who has used them will tell you, I’m amazed the thing worked and that it had enough gas to get to the stadium. And no she couldn’t have refueled it because military vehicles require a special type of gasoline.
  • Some soldiers help the parents rescue the girl. Sure we’ve seen whole cities destroyed with thousands dead and hurt, and there are probably a lot of other people the soldiers could help, but as long as we save this one person that’s all that matters right?
  • Everyone in the area would’ve been blown away with internal organ damage when Godzilla fell from the sky but they’re not even knocked down.
  • The mom lures Ghidorah away in a humvee with the Orca. Why couldn’t she turn it on, leave it there, and get on the helicopter? Also the whole reason the team went to the city was to retrieve the Orca. Why did they let the mom have it after all she’s done? Why didn’t they immediately take it back to their base?
  • I’m amazed they didn’t have the mom somehow survive. If they can fix electronics in the rain they can have a person survive radiation blasts from Godzilla. I’m also amazed they were consistent with Ghidorah’s head being able to regenerate, as implied in the post credits scene, since we last saw Ghidorah as a severed but alive head before Godzilla killed it.