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Fang Zei
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Were the prequels released on 70mm, and were the sequels released on film other than IMAX 70mm?
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31-Aug-2020, 12:59 PM
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31-Aug-2020, 1:04 PM
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Fang Zei
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It’s entirely possible that all of the Disney era films got released in 35mm in certain overseas territories where they’re not as far along in converting their theaters to digital, but the only Disney era Star Wars movie I’m absolutely sure got released here in the States in 35mm is TFA (I remember reading an article about it on slashfilm).

Thank you for the clarification about RotS, none. I didn’t remember any ads at the time saying it was playing in Imax, so now I know why that misinformation about it being shown that way got out there in the first place. Someone should really update the technical specs on imdb.

I wonder why RotS didn’t get the Imax treatment. Maybe there was some other big Hollywood movie opening in 15/70 within only a couple weeks of RotS (Batman Begins came out in Imax only a month later, so that might’ve been a factor). Maybe they needed more than two weeks to get the prints made and Lucas cared more about having the extra time to tweak the digital version. Who knows?