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The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) WORKPRINT RELEASED
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30-Aug-2020, 6:58 AM

I can certainly understand the absolute disenfranchisement you must feel after TROS. I remember thinking (and writing on these forums) that it did so much retroactive damage that I wished we had a duology cut, or that at least any worthy conclusion to the trilogy might need to be butchered together from TLJ/TROS.

I assume that you’re scripting your own Ep9 because you need to conclude these stories in a worthy way, in order that you can let the whole thing go.

But that said, your TFA is inspiring, because it shows an approach that was willing to think radically but then apply rationally. Looking across the forums right now, the amount of technical skill on display like the force ghosts finale, the crackling saber, the new voice overs, all-new CG shots, and the things AlaskanSandman’s doing to the prequels, it feels like we have such a library of skill to pull from in order to justify radical thinking for whatever follows TFA.

I’d hope that, after Hal’s light-touch TROS is done, the community turns its eyes to the more radical options for capping off the trilogy, and I’d hope that your ideas would be a major part of that.