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Idea Wanted... for solving Game of Thrones: The Ending Chapters
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28-Aug-2020, 4:54 PM
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26-Sep-2020, 3:18 AM
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So, i figured i will leave my 2 cents in this thread rather than cluster up the thread for Film IV.

As almightycutie stated, this kind of ending is very pleasing (bran kills the night king), although you have to figured out a believable vfx when arya is killed, i like the idea of some blood specs on the NKs face.
I´m in favour of bran being the NK in the end and prevail against the humans, but in your idea with him fucking up kings landing i see one major problem, at least for my idea (in my head): Wouldn´t it be more suitable to let daenrys attack only the red keep before they wage war against the army of the dead? Of course sadly you´ve to cut scenes like tyrion and jamie in the tent, but from a narrative standpoint it always felt more logical to me. since the NK is the great villian everbody is afraid of. So I’m torn, because the scene with Tyrion and jamie in the tent is just perfect and emmy material .

EDIT: what would happen after? What about Daeny? because she sure hell won´t give up her “rightful” throne.

Love that you´ll release the original score and yours with lotr!