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Preservation of SE97 Laserdiscs (Info Wanted) (a WIP)
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26-Aug-2020, 7:11 PM
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27-Aug-2020, 7:38 AM
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Hi there,

As some members have asked me after my preservation of TPM laserdiscs, I am currently working on a preservation of the laserdiscs of the Special Edition (1997).
For now, I have planned to preserve and then merge the following versions that I have at home:

  • NTSC US (done: average of 3 captures)
  • PAL UK (ongoing: average of 3 captures)
  • PAL FR (English version or French version)

But I have some questions for LD specialists:

  1. Are there other laserdiscs of the SE97 worthy of interest (with better quality, SuperNTSC, different bonuses, different audio tracks, CC…)? I am thinking for example of the Japanese reeditions in 2000, which I do not own: do they represent a particular interest compared to the first edition?
  2. Is there a dolby EX 6.1 or DTS version on one of the LD versions (I don’t think so)?
  3. For NTSC discs, I will obviously use my Pioneer HLD-X0. But for the UK/FR PAL discs, I hesitate between the CLD-D925 and the LD-V4300D (I feel that the CLD-D925 gives more details, but also more noise - but by mixing several captures, I could reduce this noise). Your opinion?
    NB: I also have a CLD-1050 which shows a very natural image with a lot of sharpness and very little noise, but there is a lot of ghosting IMHO…
    What do you think ?

Thank you in advance for your advice which will allow me to offer the best possible preservation!