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NickToons Remastered (Part 1: Cel-Animated Episodes) (Idea / a WIP)
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25-Aug-2020, 12:25 AM
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25-Aug-2020, 5:51 AM
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Hoping that if Nickelodeon has a streaming service of their own featuring all of Nickelodeon’s assets/content from the ViacomCBS Archives, I hoping that all NickToons in standard definition 480i/60i will get restored and remastered. Shown in 1080p and exported in 60p for many reasons.

Why 60p? Some episodes have transitions/graphics/effects and credits that were shown in 60 fps after a telecine to videotape/Avid editors. Many of the original negatives were originally cut together, and then transferred to broadcast tapes.

The 1st part of this extensive project is to restoring NickToons that were shot on 16/35mm film overseas. NickToons episodes that aired between 1991-2000.

If available, the original camera negatives/prepped for telecine/developed film will be digitally scanned in 4K. If optional, a wet gate scan will occur.

Then, the film will be color corrected, dust/dirt/and scratches removed, and it will be stabilized. The restored scenes are exported individually. That way when the finished half-hour episodes are edited, it will be exported at 1080p resolution at 60p frames per second. (Nickelodeon’s streaming service should be the one to show video at 60p instead of 29.97/30p. As many 90s kids experienced the magic of CRT TV’s soap opera effect.

Importantly, the original 4:3 aspect ratio will be preserved compared to The Simpsons’ remaster

Here is the list of cel-animated episodes of NickToons with the amount of episodes needed to be restored to 4K/1080p at 60p.

This would also include the original pilots produced/pitched before Nickelodeon picked the shows up. And main titles too.

Doug (1991-1994, 4 Seasons, 52 Half-Hours) (Hanho Heung-Up, Shanghai Morning Sun)

Rugrats (1991-2000, 6 Seasons, 126 Half-Hours) (Wang Film (Season 1), Anivision/Sunwoo (Season 2-6)

  • 127 but 1 of them being “Runaway Reptar” is animated digitally (in a future post, digitally animated 480p episodes will receive a 1080p/60p upscale with artifacts removed straight from the digital source.

The Ren and Stimpy Show (1991-1996, 5 Seasons, 52-Half Hours*)

*Some of these will be censored/removed or recieve an advisory warning. “Man’s Best Friend”, if moved to CBS All Access, will recieve an advisory warning. 16 segments were animated digitally.

Rocko’s Modern Life (1993-1996, 4 Seasons, 52-Half Hours)

Aahhh! Real Monsters (1994-1997, 4 Seasons, 52-Half Hours)

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-2000, 1 Season, 20-Half Hours) Along with some live action footage either on film or video at 60i, it will be exported correctly at 60p.

Other NickToons with cel animation but switched/used digital ink and paint at some point.

Hey Arnold!
Oh Yeah! Cartoons
The Wild Thornberrys

Comment below if you like to see your favorite cel-animated NickToons/episodes restored in high defintion.