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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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24-Aug-2020, 1:42 PM
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24-Aug-2020, 2:13 PM
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oojason said:

Plans to split the the current The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussion section into two separate categories are afoot 😉

So the ‘Star Wars’ section of the site would look like this…

• Original Trilogy Discussion
• Beyond the Original Trilogy
• Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases
• The Expanded Universe
• General Star Wars Discussions
• Toys & Memorabilia

Books and video games would likely fall under the ‘The Expanded Universe’ section. Something akin to…

‘For talk on the books, comics, gaming, soundtracks & music, documentaries, fan films, homages, cons & events, theme parks & rides, fan clubs & memberships…’

The General Star Wars Discussion would likely be along the lines of…

‘For discussions that cross the ‘Original Trilogy’, ‘Beyond The Original Trilogy’ and ‘The Expanded Universe’ forums; for thoughts and chat that covers the wider GFFA…’


Just my $0.02, but that sounds like going from two similar sections to three similar sections. Beyond the Original Trilogy, Expanded Universe, and General Discussion sounds like they would have so much overlap they might as well be one section.

Not to overstep, but my thoughts were more like:

Original Trilogy
Prequel Trilogy
Sequel Trilogy
TV Series (animated and live action)
General Discussion (games, books, etc.)

Fan edits


Again, no complaints or criticism intended. I appreciate and enjoy this forum and believe its existence is extremely important. Thanks to everyone here for all their hard work. Like I said, just my OCD kicking in.