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How many times have you bought the movies?
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24-Aug-2020, 3:06 AM
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8-Sep-2020, 4:54 AM
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I was going through my collection and apparently i have all 3 Pal UK pan and scan releases for the Star Wars trilogy. I just assumed i only had Empire Strikes back and return of the jedi.
I don’t have a pal player. But i had someone else play and check the discs Star wars and empire are rotters, and the last time i checked return of the jedi was rot free. Jedi came from a sealed copy i myself opened and is mint. Empire and Star Wars are used condition.
I also found my CED copies and Return of the Jedi is in a white caddy.
Pulled out my copy of Phantom Menace and it is as new factory mint but not sealed anymore. Just opened and watched once. Just like my copies of the Special Collections were previously sealed copies.
Still trying to find a 1982 or 1983 pressing of the original Laserdisc release from USA without laser rot, since both copies exhibit it to varying degrees one pressed in Japan and the other USA, i’m beginning to believe it does not exist.

I haven’t played my Evergreen disc yet so i cannot say whether that is the same master as the original USA pressing just reissued in Japan with digital audio. the 1992 edition, 1985 and, 1982/83 are all different masters on the US editions.

Edit addendum:
So i pulled out my Copy of Return of the Jedi 1986 pan and scan from Japan and it had succumbed to laser rot So i had to buy another copy. And i also got star wars 83 and empire 84 from Japan.