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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The Manga Cut (* on hiatus *)
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23-Aug-2020, 4:05 PM

TheGamingSiri said:

Minor update for FMA:B:R :
All 8 editorials and all 16 episodes have been finished and are now watchable. Check out my youtube channel (under the same username) for more info.

While there is still some potential improvement to be had (watch the epilogue editorial for more info), the current build is plenty watchable. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for doing this, I’ve watched the first couple of episodes and it’s really well done. Is it worth maybe considering looking at fansubs which were done and using their subs as a base for the 2003 version? Or is there some kind of software which can extract subtitle files from BD releases and convert them into a .srt? I could look into that for you if it could be helpful. Would .srt be the best format for this?