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Idea Wanted... for solving Game of Thrones: The Ending Chapters
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23-Aug-2020, 11:41 AM
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6-Sep-2020, 6:58 AM
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Some of you might know me from editing the Game of Thrones series into a film series, accompanied with the LOTR score. I am currently at work mapping out the ending and what needs to work to get there, so I started editing some on season 7 and 8.

I want this thread to be used as a collaboration of sorts to improve the ending of one of the greatest shows on television ever made. To reach this potential, certain things have to be altered.

I will release the last two films for Season 7 and 8 with the original Ramin Djawadi score, as well as with my altered LOTR score, upon completion.

Here is one idea I have to accomplish a better ending to The Night King, Arya and Bran Stark’s arcs all in one single scene:

This accomplishes:

  • Arya being the means to end the Night King, but not landing the final blow
  • Bran Stark killing the Night King, thus fulfilling Bran Stark’s storyline (although he is Bran Stark no more but in the flesh).
  • The Night King not dying to a random girl from behind a hidden tree line

Other Ideas being worked on:

  • Bran Stark is the Night King. Upon becoming the Three Eyed Raven, what he really became - was the Night King. This is why he is so distant and mysterious. He’s really the bad guy, in his final form, plotting his last moves. The Night King of the White Walkers is what he once was, but is no more - and therefore ending his former self, like in the clip above, does not matter to him no more.

  • Bran Stark wargs into Drogon and Daenerys during “The Bells”. You know during The Battle of Winterfell Theon asks Bran where he’s going, and he wargs away for the entire battle? Well, in my edit what Bran is really doing, is altering the future - by warging into Daenerys and her dragon and fucking King’s Landing up. This is of course left as a surprise, being shown near the end of the film before Drogon and Dany goes berserk. This also fulfills the prophecy “You will never walk again, but you will fly”.