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Broom Kid said:

Even in ESB it’s not really a love triangle, as the only reason she’s kissing Luke like that is to piss off Han. It’s not because she WANTS to kiss Luke (although yes, there’s that deleted scene where she DOES, and then they’re interrupted - but since that’s gone, and Return of the Jedi exists…)

I think it’s possible to go straight from Han saying “Hey, what’s going on?” to Leia saying “Hold me” and the scene works just as well. No argument, Han still looks bewildered by Leia’s reactions without there being a dumb fight in between that highlights a silly plotline that shouldn’t exist, AND you lose some of Carrie Fisher’s absolute worst acting, ever.

You could probably take the “Hey, what’s going on” dialog out of its shot, dub it over the approach Han makes (it’s virtually the same) of him saying “I’m sorry” and just let the scene end like it always did (“Hold me”) The edit would be mostly audio, not video.

I mean its not just one kissing scene, and she clearly is kissing luke because she likes him, or have you forgot this scene?

I do get that the plot doesn’t require the “love triangle” (and I know its not really one but what else do you call it) but like I said, its not about what the audiance knows, its about Han’s point of view. As far as he is concerned Leia has been stringing him along. The far worse part of that whole sequence is the whole kidnapped princess thing, where the ewoks randomly pulls a forest dress out of their ***es. I mean that whole think feels more like the Princess Bride than Star Wars.

Anyway Leia and Luke, behave like more than just friends and I feel Han would definaitly be the kind of fly-boy to overreact in that situation.