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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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20-Aug-2020, 2:20 PM
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Hey Hal still been playing around with adding some other line. I am not sure how great it will work. For kicks and giggles, I tried another attempt with this scene. It is rough for a few reasons, mainly my RIP from the blu ray can’t seem to come out clean and makes the video a bit choppy and kinda … i dunno, weird-ified. So my timing may not be great with what I did since I literally “can’t see” frames. But what do you think?
PW: fanedit

Here is my rational after watching the video:

  • Prior to this scene, we see Poe make the jump through a wall of ice (may or may not have been light speed, but for the audience, we assume that’s what he does.)

  • So when Rey and Finn are talking, Chewbacca roars. I am implying he said “Poe made the jump through an ice wall!” Remember, he was not too happy/shocked with Poe’s thinking of “How thick do you think that ice is?” since that was pretty dangerous and gutsy.

  • I overlay Poe saying RIGHT at the end of the roar his line about "Well i got us through/safe or whatever he says.

  • Rey looks over towards Poe and we cut to her walking towards Poe and starting the argument about the dampers.

  • Rey says you can’t light speed/ cut that part and have Poe jump up and say “Apparently I can!”

I was implying she was bout tot say “you can’t light speed jump through an ice wall!” … a further extension from Chewy since we see he wasn’t too keen about Poe jumping through the ice and extending that from his roar at the base.

So that’s my logic since we SAW Poe jump through an ice wall and that was understandably dangerous. Also, we see he hit a wall while flying the falcon too. He is rough with the ship … so no wonder we see it in bad shape.

I am hoping this is not making too many assumptions for the audience, but we the audience see that:

1.) Poe is rough on the falcon.

2.) Jumps through and ice wall despite Chewy’s protest.

3.) We have not scene a ship make the jump THROUGH a solid object before.

EDIT: Another logic I just thought of, since she talks about the “downed dampers” that could have been her next argument of “You can’t Lightspeed-” … “without the dampers” could have been another logic to it. Poe cuts her off since he is already annoyed, his mood and demeanor screams of that. Kind of like “Hey, we are here and I’m at least doing something” attitude which he laters takes a swipe at Rey about not “helping” as the best fighter.