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The random YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds thread for the Original Trilogy
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20-Aug-2020, 12:54 PM
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20-Aug-2020, 12:55 PM
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Mocata said:

Oh I was just going to post that. It’s a cool series and it’s dumb that the newer movies don’t have such interesting designs.

As I was watching the video I suddenly thought to myself, “if only they’d done something like this for TROS then Kylo escaping the DS2 in a TIE would actually make sense.” Just to be clear, I’m not someone who really cares about realism in SW, but I do feel that consistency is important. It’s too bad that the new movies can’t come up with ideas like EC Henry’s. They’ve had a few interesting new ships, and even dusted off some cool old designs, but nothing like this. I hope they one day come to their senses and take advantage of these fan ideas and actually use them (properly that is, not stealing designs like Marvel has). I’d love to see something like Henry’s Imperial Nebulon-B or the Civilian Snowspeeder in a future series or movie.