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Would it not be amazing if we got a Darth Vader movie directed by Christopher Nolan?
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20-Aug-2020, 9:35 AM

I’m seeing a lot of really good points here. This was a thought that just came across my brain and not super developed. I was looking to see what you all had to say, and I’m so glad to see all your responses.

JadedSkywalker said:

i don’t see what that offers to expanding the Star Wars mythos, seems to limit it in a way. Star Wars needs to move beyond nostalgia and the OT. If anything as much as i enjoyed them the sequels proved that. Star Wars is stuck in the past. There are so many worlds, creatures and adventures they could create and make something new and fresh.

I totally agree with you. I wonder how George Lucas’s sequel trilogy focused on the Whills would have turned out.