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Would it not be amazing if we got a Darth Vader movie directed by Christopher Nolan?
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20-Aug-2020, 4:26 AM

JadedSkywalker said:

Id also like them to do animated movies or series for other things like Indiana Jones for instance. Not just Star Wars. And adapt some of the legends material into non canon animated films. I mean using the DC illustration, they have a sort of multiverse where different canons exist for Superman and Batman stories that are not all in the same continuity.

Agreed. They could so easily “win back” a lot of older SW fans by making animated films of the Thrawn Trilogy, Shadows of the Empire, etc. If WB can do it with reasonably quality I don’t see why Disney/Lucasfilm can’t do it. I’m sure Disney has a lot of animators that would love to work on these projects. As for canon status; all they have to do is slap the “Legends” logo on them. A lot of people simply would’t know or care what the difference is, and those who do care already knows the distinction anyway.

Also, animated Indy films would be awesome. They probably wouldn’t manage to get Ford back for the voice, but people have accepted substitutes for SW characters, so why not Indy as well.