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19-Aug-2020, 5:33 AM

Finally got to watch your cut. And I loved it as much as loved the previous.
The musical composition, the editing style, the dialogue trim, everything was at the high level I was expecting.

I have to say that this film may have been the least exciting for me, but that had nothing to do with your choises. It sort of felt like a Part 1 of a two parts story, since you’ve said you had been working on Film 5 parallelly, which makes me more excited for the next instalment.

Some minor notes:
I liked how you presented the events in Kings Landing with the wedding and Prince Oberyn’s arrival as well as Daenerys’ regime in Meereen. The only issue I may had was about Jaime’s and Bronn’s relationship. It seemed short and not fully-developed, which I guess progress further in the next film.
The events on the Wall and beyond the Wall were also well presented, but I wish we had seen more bits with Ygritte before the tragic event on the battle.

Again, I am a huge fan of what you are doing with these edits and I am super ecited for the next one,
Keep up the amazing work!